Building Gaming Computers

It doe not matter what you want it for. By answering a few questions on what you want to use it for, then we can help you build the gaming computer of your dreams without over spending. One question we ask is what kind of games you play, such as Minecraft, Word Of Warcraft, or playing Crysis which is known for melting your PC. Our years of experience allow us to get the most power out of every device without emptying your wallet or melting your PC.

When it comes to graphic cards you have to consider the kind of games you will be playing. High end gaming will require a bigger graphics card. You also have to consider their size in relation to the case they will be in as well as the power it will need. Along with building gaming computers you have to consider the airflow in the case. If the hot air can’t exit the case quickly it can cause systems to overheat. Theses are some of the reasons for the questions that need to be asked. While the system is large enough to handle gaming it can still function as a normal computer such as getting to netflix.

Now you have a brand new gaming computer but all your data is on your old one. We will transfer all your data to your new one free of charge! We also provide a 1-year warranty on all new computers. It can be extended to 3 years. Want to get some a new mouse, keyboard or monitor with your brand new computer? We got you covered!

Gaming Computers graphics cards

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